About Jaguar Industries

Welcome to the official hub for all Jaguar Merchandise. All products on this website are generated, produced, marketed, and managed by students at BBE! Starting in the fall semester of 2022, the Business, Tech, and Industrial Departments at BBE teamed up to create a class dedicated to bringing value to the students, staff, and community through business enterprises (and to learn, of course). Named Jaguar Industries by the class, they quickly got into groups and started working. Teams include broadcast, content, marketing, accounting, production, commercial, as well as a few others. With the lack of a business plan, the process was not always smooth, and changes were made throughout the semester, but the hard work paid off as BBE can proudly offer many products and services throughout the community and beyond. 


Students also learned that their roles within Jaguar Industries required them to work with other teams in order to be successful . For example, students from the marketing team needed to work with the podcast, production, and accounting teams to produce the best product they could. The challenges overcome by the students were a great learning experience and resulted in the four main businesses for Jaguar Industries; Jaguar Javas Coffee Shop, Concession Stand, Broadcast/Streaming Services, and what can be found mostly on this site, our Merchandise Store. 




If you are interested in custom product orders for your business or organization, please contact Ben Klaphake at bklaphake@bbejaguars.org for more information.